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In last two posts we have seen handling different types of calendars:

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If you notice, You need to write a lengthy code to handle calendars in selenium. Is there any shortcut ways to handle calendars?

Answer is “Yes”. We can this using java script.

JavaScrips(JS) provides a method called setAttribute. Syntax is as below:

Example: document.getElementsByID(“Some Id”)[0].setAttribute(“class”, “democlass”);

  • Above line will set html attribute “Class” for web element.
  • This method can be used to set any attribute.
  • We can use above method of javascript to select date in a calendar. Only condition is that calendar widget allow you to type manually as well apart from selecting from calendar.
  • For example: You should be able to  type 08/30/2017 in calendar box also.

Java Code:



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4 thoughts on “JavaScript Way To Handle Calendar In Selenium

  1. fantastic article amod very informative m an manual tester whose planning to shift to automation, so ive picked selenium, now my query is how should i automate calendar of this type(http://demoqa.com/registration/) and m reading the value of date from excel sheet.. so any kinda help is much appreciated thanks in advance.

    1. Thanks. There are some other articles of handling dates as well in my blog. Search with keyword calendar, you will get.

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