JavaScript Way To Handle Calendar In Selenium

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In last two posts we have seen handling different types of calendars:

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If you notice, You need to write a lengthy code to handle calendars in selenium. Is there any shortcut ways to handle calendars?

Answer is “Yes”. We can this using java script.

JavaScrips(JS) provides a method called setAttribute. Syntax is as below:

Example: document.getElementsByID(“Some Id”)[0].setAttribute(“class”, “democlass”);

  • Above line will set html attribute “Class” for web element.
  • This method can be used to set any attribute.
  • We can use above method of javascript to select date in a calendar. Only condition is that calendar widget allow you to type manually as well apart from selecting from calendar.
  • For example: You should be able to  type 08/30/2017 in calendar box also.

Java Code:



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