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API Testing Tutorial Part 8 – Introduction to REST & REST API

Hello Folks, As part of our API Testing series, we will see below topics in this post: What is REST? Six principles of REST.   What is REST? REST stands for REpresentational State Transfer. It is an architectural style that defines a set of constraints to be used for creating web services or API. Web services which are […]

API Testing Tutorial Part 7 – HTTP Status Code Must To Be Remembered

Hello Folks, As part of our API Testing series, we will see some important HTTP status codes in this post. This topic is very important for API testing. It is a frequently asked interview question as well. “Status” is what for everyone cares as it says what is output either negative or positive or partially. […]

API Testing Tutorial Part 6 – Idempotent Methods in HTTP Methods

Hello Folks, In previous post, we have seen that how can we categorised HTTP methods in Safe and Unsafe methods. In this post, we will see how can we categorised HTTP methods in Idempotent and Non-idempotent methods. Let’s understand the term “Idempotent” first: My name is Amod. If you ask me my name, I will […]

API Testing Tutorial Part 5 – Safe Methods in HTTP Methods

Hello guys,  In previous post, we have seen Introduction of HTTP methods.  In this post, we will see what is called safe methods in HTTP methods. This is an important interview question also.  All HTTP methods can be categorised in two categories: Safe methods & Unsafe methods.  We know that all HTTP methods deal with […]

API Testing Tutorial Part 4 – Understand Basics Of Http Methods – CRUD Operations

Let’s start with a real time example. You must have heard about Facebook. To create an account of Facebook, you need to provide some personal details and hit enter. Now you have your own Facebook account. Your data is created in Facebook database. Who did this for you? A Facebook API. An API who is responsible […]

API Testing Tutorial Part 3 – Understand Terms URN , URL ,URI & API

This is a frequently asked interview question for API testing. All these terms are confusing to beginners as well as experienced.  I will try to explain it well in this post.  I will start with the line – ” All above terms are same at a final point. These words are the stages representing evolution […]

API Testing Tutorial Part 2 – Why is API Testing Important?

Hello Folks, In this post, we will learn why we should do API testing. At a very high level, an application has three components: Back end (Data Layer) : Where data is stored and retrieved. Front end (Presentation Layer) :  User interface. Middle ware (Logic Layer) : It connects front end and back end of application. […]

API Testing Tutorial Part 1 – What is An API (Application Programming Interface)?

Hello Folks, Before understanding about API, Let’s consider some real time scenarios first. You go to any restaurant for a grand party. A waiter comes to your desk and takes your order. Waiter goes to kitchen and brings up your ordered food. You don’t bother how waiter did this. You just worried about your order. […]

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