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API Testing – Postman Tool – Quiz 2

API Testing is a must to have skills for testers nowadays. I have tried to cover the Basics of API, Postman tool, and Rest Assured on my blog. You can find links below:-

Basics of API Testing

Become an expert in Postman tool by learning end to end

Become an expert in Rest Assured tool by learning end to end

You can attempt API Testing – Postman Tool – Quiz 2 here.

Let’s test your knowledge on the Postman tool by attempting below objective questions:-

1. Which variable is not available in Postman?
2. What are advantages of using variables in Postman?
3. Variables can be used for path parameters in URI.
4. Which is correct way of using variables in Postman?
5. Is "{{variableName}}" (variable name in double quotes) valid in Postman to access variable?
6. Can we create duplicate environment in Postman?
7. An environment can have duplicate variables?
8. We can select maximum one environment file in Postman to work.
9. Global variables are available to some environment only in Postman.
10. Data sharing among collections in Postman is possible.

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