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Log4j2 Tutorial 5 – XML Configuration File to Log Into File and Console Using Log4j2 Together


We have already learnt the basics but important concepts of Log4j2 in series of tutorials in Log4j2 Tutorials. Now we know to create an XML configuration file to print logs in to a File and on to the console.

But sometimes it is good to print logs in to console and file as well. So now we will configure an XML document that will be capable to print logs into a file and on a console as well.

If you are thinking it will be complex then you are not correct. It will be just a combination of above mentioned two posts.

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Required Dependencies

Always use the latest version of dependencies. I am using the below version of Log4j2 which is the latest at the time of writing this post.

XML configuration file with File and Console Appender

We know that to print in to console we need to use console appender and File appender to print logs in to a file. We can use both into same configuration file as below:-

Example Program

When we run above program then we can see logs printed in console and file both as below:-

Console Output

File Output

GitHub Link to clone project

Log4j2 Example Codes

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Log4j2 Tutorial 5 – XML Configuration File to Log Into File and Console Using Log4j2 Together

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