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REST Assured Tutorial 67 – How to assert full response JSON body in Rest Assured?


As a part of the End to End REST Assured Tutorial, in this post, we will learn to assert a full response JSON body in Rest Assured.

If the response is kind of static or small we may want to assert the full response body directly instead of deserializing the response into some Java objects and then extract and match values.

In this post, we will learn to assert full response from an external file as well.

Dependecy Required

Asserting full response body

We just need to use body() method with Hamcrest Matchers. I will be using GoRest APIs for example.

Example program

You need to convert formatted JSON in to single line and pass in equalTo() method. If you do not convert unwanted new line and carriage return (\r\n) charctaers will be present and impact validation.

Asserting full response body from external file

We can also store expected response into an external JSON file as shown below:-

Example program

Note – Above expected response may change when you are referring this post. Please check expected response and make changes if required.

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