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Postman Tutorial Part 51 -Printing Request Body & Response Body in Postman Console

As a part of Postman Tutorial – End to End , in this post, we will learn “How to print Request and Response body in console?”.

We have already learnt to retrieve Request and Response body in Postman but as this is a frequently asked interview question on Postman, so I am combining concepts in a small post separately.

Code to get Request Body:-

var jsonReq = JSON.parse(pm.request.body.raw);

var jsonRes = pm.response.json();

To print just put in console.log(). To extract value from JSON body, you can write json path which we have seen already. You can refer those concepts here.

Complete code:-

Postman Console:-

However, you can get all these details by clicking on URI.

You can import example collection from here.

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