Resolutions 2020 for Testers

New Year 2020 is just around the corner and like every year people start deciding resolutions for new year. Some follow them strictly and some don’t.

Being a Software Tester is no more an easy job. In the growing Software field, “Tester” may become obsolete soon. Organisations are looking for SDETs or Full Stack QAs. SDETs are advanced version of traditional Testers. So only option is left for Testers to upgrade themselves technically.

Many new comers in Testing field think that let’s do manual testing for 2-3 years and then they will start learning automation. It was correct in past but now its 100% wrong thinking. You should start learning from now. It will surely help you to evolve as a better automation tester.

Many people who are already working in Automation Testing think that minimal knowledge of Java is enough to do tasks. They limit scope of automation till Java- Selenium and some basic API Testing. This is also not correct as of now.

If you have become Lead or Manager and thinking you don’t require or require very less automation knowledge , you may be wrong again. Organisations are expecting everyone as an individual contributor.

I was deciding my career resolutions for Year 2020 so thought to help QA community to decide their resolutions as well. Keep below points in mind while deciding resolutions:-

  1. If you are working on Manual testing, this is high time to start learning Automation irrespective of your number of experience.
  2. Yes, it is correct you don’t require in and out knowledge of a programming language to be an Automation Tester as of now but it may not be same scenario in future. I will suggest you to keep basics of programming strong enough so that you can learn new concepts or programming language easily. Earlier people used to be master in single programming language. That time is also gone.
  3. Java is not starting and ending point in world of Automation testing. You can start learning programming with Java but do not think it is enough. I will suggest you to start learning Python and at least one scripting language like JavaScript as well. Python will be more demanding language in future. It will also help you if you want to learn AI and ML.
  4. Selenium is an important tool for Automation Testing but there are now much better tools compared to Selenium. These tools requires less coding as well as less resources and provides multiple functionalities at single place. So point is here, learn Selenium obviously but keep exploring other tools as well like Protractor, Cypress, Test Project etc.
  5. You just can not API Testing now. Organizations are focusing more of backend testing now a days.
  6. Testers are expected to have knowledge of CICD as well. You must be good in some tools used in CICD like Git, Jenkins, Maven, Docker, kubernetes etc.
  7. Knowledge of basic performance testing will be added advantage.
  8. When you start learning a new thing , finish it in flow. Decide a timeline and adhere to that. Make small notes and revise. Practice more.

Ideas for Tester’s Resolution 2020:-

  1. Practice at least 1 program daily. Must refer Coding Bat, HackerRank for this.
  2. Learn Java, Python and JavaScript as soon as possible.
  3. Practice.
  4. Learn Git.
  5. Learn Jenkins.
  6. Learn Docker and kubernetes .
  7. Learn Cucumber, JBehave, Serenity.
  8. Backend testing is a major part of testing now, So it is must to learn API Testing. Start with Postman and Rest Assured. There are many other tools as well.
  9. Basic Database testing is must. You should be able to write SQL queries.
  10. Must have basic knowledge of UNIX
  11. Learn basics of Performance testing.
  12. Understand each line of code rather than just copy or following some one else.
  13. Write guest posts, blogs and teach others.
  14. Conduct technical sessions for your colleagues. encourage them to learn and share knowledge.
  15. Everything is not available in Free. If you want to learn well must refer good books and video tutorials.
  16. Keep following tech blogs and sites like Stackoverflow,
  17. Follow and Be Agile.

Important thing is that all above will take time. It will not be completed in a day of month. Plan accordingly and stick to deadlines.

If you require any other suggestion you can either comment or send me a mail, Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2020 and I hope you will decide proper resolutions and work towards them, Remember Learning is only key.


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