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In this post, we will learn about another annotation in Page Factory called FindBys.

Suppose, you need to find count of web elements who satisfy all below criteria:

  1. whose id is “ABC”
  2. whose name is “DEF”.
  3. whose xpath is “XYZ”.

It will be difficult to write normally but @FindBys annotation makes it very simple for you.


As per selenium doc:

FindBys is used to mark a field on a Page Object to indicate that lookup should use a series of @FindBy tags in a chain as described in ByChained. It can be used on a types as well, but will not be processed by default. Eg:

   @FindBy(id = "foo"),
   @FindBy(className = "bar")

So, above problem can be solved by below code:

You can use WebElement or List<WebElement> both.

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