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REST Assured Tutorial 72 – How To Compare Part of JSON Objects and Arrays using JSONassert library


As a part of the End to End REST Assured Tutorial, in this post, we will learn to compare the portion of JSON arrays and Objects using the JSONassert library.

We have already learned to Compare two JSON Objects and Compare two JSON Arrays using JSONassert library as a whole.

Many times we need to compare specific portions of JSON Objects or JSON Arrays. For example – Suppose we create a new booking and get booking details. When we fetch all active bookings then we just need to verify booking details of newly booking in that active list.

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Required Dependency

I have used available below latest dependency of JSONassert. You can always get the latest dependency from Maven central repo.

Prerequisite post

You must go through the below post to understand about JSONassert Java library, different comparing modes, and asserting JSON Objects.

Introduction To JsonAssert Library

Compare JSON Objects Using JSONassert Library

Compare JSON Arrays Using JSONassert Library

Compare portions of JSON Objects

JSON Object 1

JSON Object 2

We need to compare that the “address” object in the first JSON Object has the same values for keys as “communicationAddress” in the second JSON Object. In this case, we just need to use the overloaded assertEquals() method with some methods with JsonPath to fetch the desired portion of JSON objects.

Example Program

Compare portions of JSON Arrays

JSON Array 1

JSON Array 2

In the above JSON Arrays, we just want to compare objects at the first index.

Example Program

You can also compare a portion of the JSON object to the portion of JSON Array. But remember you can not compare if both are of the not the same type. That will through compilation error.

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REST Assured Tutorial 72 – How To Compare Part of JSON Objects and Arrays using JSONassert library

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