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REST Assured Tutorial 60 – Learn to write JsonPath expressions or JsonPath syntax


As a part of the End to End REST Assured Tutorial, in this post, we will learn to learn more JsonPath syntax and expressions.

We have already covered the introduction of JsonPath and creating JsonPath for simple and nested JsonObjects and JsonArrays. You can refer to those posts here:-

What Is JsonPath And How To Create It For Simple And Nested JSON Object?

How To Create JsonPath For Simple And Nested JSON Array?


As we are using RestAssured which includes JsonPath dependency by default, there is no need to include JsonPath dependency explicitly. I have used the below version of Rest Assured for this post:-

Basic concepts of JsonPath supported by Rest Assured

JsonPath in Rest Assured uses Groovy’s GPath notation and is not to be confused with Jayway’s JsonPath syntax. In simple words there are many JsonPath syntaxes you will see around but all will not be supported by RestAssured JsonPath. In this post, we will see all supported JsonPath syntaxes by Rest Assured.

The root node is represented as a “$” sign. While writing JsonPath in RestAssured we do not need to add a dollar sign. The child node of a JSON object can be represented as a dot (.) or using [<childName>]. We can also use [] to represent a particular index element in a JSON array.

Let’s learn syntaxes with examples rather than theory.

Example Program


You can download/clone the above sample project from here.

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