Frequently Asked Java Program 11: Find Position Of Letter In Alphabet

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As part of Frequently Asked Java Programs In Interviews For Freshers And Experienced, in this post we will see a Java program to Find Position Of Letter In Alphabet.


Accept a letter from user and print position of input letter in alphabet.

Example: A has 1st position in alphabet. B has 2nd position in alphabet.


  1. We will use ASCII concept here.
  2. Every letters in alphabet (both upper and lower case) has unique ASCII value.
  3. We can retrieve ASCII value of any char by casting in to int.


  1. Convert input letter in to uniform case either in upper case or lower. I will convert in to lower case.
  2. Convert char in to ASCII value using toLowerCase() method of Character wrapper class.
  3. ASCII value for lower case alphabet stars from 97.
  4. To get the position, subtract 96 from ASCII value of  input character. In case if you convert input letter in to upper case, you need to subtract 64 as ASCII value for upper case alphabet stars from 65.

Java Code:


If you have any other logic of solving above problem, please comment. It is always better to know more logic.

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