Baby Steps To Become Efficient Selenium-Java Automation Tester

Hello Folks,

Many people approached me to write down my journey to become an Automation tester. So here it comes:-

Be honest and ask yourself two questions given below:-

  1. Have you asked how much knowledge of programming language is needed to learn automation?
  2. If I refer any particular blog/channel/book, is that enough?

If your answer is “Yes” for any question above, sorry, you have wrong mindset.

Don’t draw an end line before you begin. Set the goal and goal is A successful Automation Tester“, this is what I followed.

I mentioned above “A successful Automation Tester” not a “Selenium Automation Tester” because Selenium is just a part of Automation Testing world. You need not to stop once you are master in Selenium. There is a long way ahead.

Beginner to Intermediate in Core Java:

I started learning Core Java first. I had set a 1 month timeline for it. I referred many blogs, youtube videos and books. I dedicated at least 4 hours per day in weekdays and more time on weekends. Because I knew the important of flow and consistency. I started making good notes by going through all study stuffs. I referred at least 2-3 sources for each topic. Going through Java official document was little difficult to understand in beginning. So I referred some blogs and videos first and then read Java Official document again. I would like to name some sources I referred here:

  1. Jenkov
  2. DZone
  3. Journaldev
  4. Edureka
  5. Javabrains
  6. Head First Java book
  7. Java : The Complete Reference book
  8. Java Official Document

Even I bought some courses on Udemy as well because you can not get every knowledge in free.

I want to clarify here that all above sources, I didn’t refer with in 1 month completely. I go through them even now and keep learning. Because there is no end of knowledge.

But at least be strong in topics mentioned in below post:

Must Topics To Be Known In Java Before Learning Selenium

I focused more on coding practices as well. I tried solving programming question from below sites:

  1. HackerRank
  2. CodingBat

Sometimes you feel like exhausted, confused or losing confidence. But keep going because you are building blocks of future. Read again and again if you don’t understand. Discuss your doubts with friends, refer stackoverflow and do whatever you can do to get clarified your doubt but just don’t give up.

Beginner to Proficient in Selenium WebDriver:

Like Java, I started with some online tutorials. As I have been good in Java, so Selenium was looking very easy to me. I have seen people with very less knowledge of Java, they start learning Selenium and confuse with the concept of Interface, Upcasting, method channing , Inheritance etc. This is the reason I focused more on Java first.

I would like to share some blog and youtube channel lists here which helped me a lot:-

  1. Learn-automation
  2. ToolsQA
  3. Swtestacademy
  4. Naveen Automation Labs
  5. Selenium Javadoc
  6. Selenium Handbook
  7. Selenium Github

I practised a lot as well. I referred public selenium repositories and contacted friends working on Selenium real time. This helped me to get an idea of what is actually difference between what we learn and what is followed in an Industry. Think more on better optimal coding. Understand each word of each line of your code you write. Because many know how to click and type but struggle when it doesn’t work.

Keep revising as well that is the reason I prefer to prepare notes in your own words. Have a quick look on that daily.

I do not have any problem to share other blog in my post being a blogger. I don’t have any competition with anyone. I am here to share my knowledge and appreciate other’s knowledge.

I still refer so many tutorials and videos because “No one knows everything but everyone knows something.”.

If you have any confusion, you can ask me as well. I will be happy to help you. Let me know in comment if this guidelines helped you. I wish you a lot of success. Good Luck!

10 thoughts on “Baby Steps To Become Efficient Selenium-Java Automation Tester

  1. Sir, your journey is really inspiring for all of us. Good you shared this with us and I completely agree with you that we should never puy a cap on knowledge and never give up on ourselves. I have learnt a lot from your blogs and your solution/comments for different queries on Facebook groups.

  2. That’s awesome Amogh ! Will help me to move forward in my role. how did you manage to learn 4 hours daily. Is it after work? Or before ? Daily.. regards mahesh

    1. Very much thanks to sharing your knowledge with us.
      I have 2years of software development experience
      Now I would like to move on software testing and past 2month I have been preparing for it as well. But
      Still I haven’t got any opportunity.I won’t get interview calls.

      1. You will get calls. Make sure you are updating profile daily. If you need any help, pla let me know.

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