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How Much Java Required For Selenium?

“How much Java I need to learn for selenium with Java binding?” is mostly asked question by a Professional who wants to learn Selenium with Java.

If you want to put a cap on knowledge, you will be always an average knowledgeable professional.

Selenium with Java binding is a Java library which means it has been developed using Java concepts. Selenium with Java is mostly used by automation professionals. To work with Selenium, you must be aware of concepts of Java programming language. Java is an endless ocean of concepts. It is true that no one can learn each and every concept of Java. But more you know, more better you can use it with Selenium.

Every programming language has its basic fundamentals and every advanced concepts is built on these fundamentals. So you get right here that you must be clear with fundamental concepts of Java to kick off working with Selenium. When you actually start working with selenium, automatically you will start learning more Java. So never wait till you be master in Java to start working with Selenium.

Here, I will list out basic concepts of Java which you must learn first before you work on Selenium:

  1. Understand Object Oriented Programming concepts ( Class and Object)
  2. Datatypes and variables with Type conversion and casting
  3. Methods
  4. Constructors
  5. Operators with more focus on Arithmetic and Logical operators
  6. Control statements – (Very important)
  7. Input output in Java
  8. Inheritance
  9. Overloading and overriding
  10. final, this and super
  11. Packages
  12. Access specifiers
  13. Access modifiers ( Static and Non-static)
  14. Abstract class
  15. Interface
  16. Exception handling ( Very Important)
  17. Wrapper classes
  18. String and operations on it. (Very Important)
  19. Arrays and operations on it. (Very important)
  20. Collections (Very very important)
  21. JDBC – Should know to connect any database
  22. Basics of regular expressions.
  23. Basics of Threads.
  24. Basics of Generics
  25. Basic of reflections.


If you are good in above topics, you are good to start with Selenium. I will also cover above topics on my blog.

Remember some points below:

  1. Knowing concept is not only enough if you can’t implement it.
  2. You can not be master in one day. It takes time.
  3. Read same topics from multiple sources. Note all points and go through them on daily basis.
  4. Teach others and learn from others.
  5. Register on HackerRank and solves problems.
  6. Must follow Stackoverflow.
  7. You can refer java books of foreign authors as well. Head First and Complete Reference are best.


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Author: Amod Mahajan

A software Tester who is paid to judge products developed by others. Currently getting paid in American Dollars. Writing technical posts and creating YouTube videos are my hobbies.

6 thoughts on “How Much Java Required For Selenium?

  1. Well said “If you want to put a cap on knowledge, you will be always an average knowledgeable professional.”

    Its true people should just focus on selenium and they will automatically run concepts of Java. because learning selenium is like learning java because you cant run selenium webdriver without java. So learning selenium is like learning java.

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