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In last Post, we have seen how can we directly download and use TestNG.

We will see another two ways in this post.

Using Eclipse Market Place Option:

Steps to be followed:

Steps 1: Navigate to Help-> Eclipse Marketplace.


You will see below screen.

Steps 2: Type “TestNG” in “Find” test box and click on “Search” icon. It will search and show you TestNG.

If TestNG is not installed, it will show you “Installed” else “Install”. Click on “Install” and it will be installed.

Steps 3: Click on “Confirm” button.

Steps 4: Click on radio button of “I accept the term of the licence agreement.” and click on “Finish” button.

Steps 5: You might get below warning message. Click on “Install anyways”.

Steps 6: Restart Eclipse.

Steps 7: After restart, You can also verify correct installation by using any one of the tag ( @Test etc) in any script. When you type @Test and mouse hover on it, you need to add TestNG library first time.

Steps 8: After adding TestNG library first time, it will be showing red still. You need to mouse hover on @Test and import it from testng package.

You are done with the installation of TestNG now.

Using Install New Software Option:

This way is just part of above way.  In Eclipse market place way, When you search for TestNG in Market Eclipse Place and click on “Install” button. You can see TestNG is getting downloaded from a URL(http://beust.com/eclipse) as shown below:

You can directly provide that URL in “Install New Software” option. Further steps are same as above way.

Type “http://beust.com/eclipse” in “Work With” text box. As soon as you type,it will start searching and will show “TestNG” in text area. Click on checkbox of TestNG and click on “Next” button.

You need to click “Next” one more time in next screen and after that you will find similar steps as above.


More about TestNG in upcoming posts. Stay tuned.

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