Java Program 09: Printing Words In Circular Order From Given Index

Hello Folks, This is frequently asked interview question. Problem: Suppose you have below string: “Make Selenium Easy” Where -“Make” is at position zero. -“Selenium” is at first position . -“Easy” is at second position . If I say: -zero, You need to print¬†“Make Selenium Easy”. -one, you need to print “Selenium Easy Make”. -two, you

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All About getText() method: What, Why And How.

Hello Folks, In this post we will learn below topics: What is getText() method? Why we use getText() method? How we use getText() method? [Interview Question] Print all languages supported by Google. What are differences between getText() and getAttribute() methods? Let’s start: What is getText() method? getText() is a method which gets you the visible

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