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My name is Amod Mahajan and I am an IT employee with 6+ years of experience in Software testing and staying in Bengaluru. My area of interest is Automation testing. I started from basics and went through so many selenium tutorials. Thanks to Mukesh Otwani as his tutorials are easy and cover basics to advance. I have habit of exploring concepts by deep diving. I used to make notes. I thought of sharing my knowledge through posts and now I am here. #KeepLearning #ShareLearning

Postman Tutorial Part 42 – Create Parameterized Request by Reading Data From CSV in Postman

We have already learnt storing and accessing variables in different ways like Global variables, Environment variables, Collection variables etc in Postman. All these ways are like accessing variables from internal sources. We may require to read data from external sources as well like csv or JSON in Postman. Not only this, it is useful to […]

Postman Tutorial Part 41 – Dynamic Variables in Postman

We have seen three types of variables in Postman :- Global Variable Environment Variable Collection Variable In this post, we will see Dynamic Variables in Postman. As the name says, it generates random data for your API. It is more like Random library in programming language to generate random number , timestamp or alphanumeric or […]

Postman Tutorial Part 40 – Collection Variables in Postman

We have already seen what are Global and Environment variables in Postman and its usage in creating parameterized requests. In this post, we will see another type of variables called Collection variables. Let’s consider some scenarios first:- If you have followed my posts in sequence, you must have seen that when we import a Collection […]

Interview Experience at IQVIA (formerly IMS Health) Bangalore for Automation Testing Profile ( Sep – 2019)

Company Name :- IQVIA ( Formerly IMS Health and Quintiles)  Date :- Sep – 2019 Experience Level: – 6 – 8 Years Location- Bengaluru Duration:- Three rounds . (Written, Technical – 30 mins,  Tech + Managerial = 20 Mins )  Mode : – F2F Written Round:- There were 15 questions. I remember below ones:- What […]

Interview Experience at Harman Connected Services Bangalore for Manual & Automation Testing Profile – Aug-2019

Company Name :- Harman Connected Services Date :- Aug – 2019 Experience Level: – 5-9 Years Location- Bengaluru Duration:- 30 Mins each rounds Mode : – F2F Interviewer was really quick in asking questions. Maximum questions he asked from resume and answer you give. Below are some questions which I remember:- First Round:- What is […]

Interview Experience at Nous InfoSystem Bangalore for Automation Testing Profile

Company Name :- Nous InfoSystem Date :- 03 – Sep – 2019 Location- Bengaluru Duration:- 20 Mins Questions asked:- Tell me about yourself and describe your automation experience and current project. Draw architecture of your latest framework. How do you exclude tests in Protractor-Jasmine? What exception Rest Assured will throw when we pass wrong content-type? […]

Postman Tutorial Part 39 – Header Presets in Postman

What we will learn in this post:- Introduction to Header Presets Usage of Header Presets Creating and using Header Presets Managing Header Presets Let’s think of a scenario before we jump to the concept of header presets. Suppose you need to add multiple headers or a set of headers to each request or different set […]

Postman Tutorial Part 38 – Mostly Used Assertion Code Snippets in Postman to Achieve API Automation

When we hit any request in Postman, we should verify response code, response time , value of an attribute in response etc. These assertion helps to test the expected behavior of API. In this post, we will see some mostly used code snippets in Postman scripts to validate response. Code snippet to assert status code […]

Agile Software Development – Let’s Understand It

The dictionary meaning of the English word “Agile” is “Able to move quickly and easily”. You will see later in this post, how this definition is true for Software development. Waterfall methodology is a traditional Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) which is more a linear sequential design pattern to develop software. A SDLC model consists […]

Postman Tutorial Part 37 – Export & Import Global & Environment Variables in Postman As a JSON

So we have learnt two ways of sharing a Postman collection:- Sharing as a Link Sharing as a JSON file But there is a problem in above ways of sharing collection. If your postman collection is using Environment variable or Global variables , those variables are not imported and shared with collection automatically. You need […]

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