How To Upload A File In Selenium Webdriver

Hello Folks, In this post we will learn how can we upload a file using selenium webdriver. Sometimes we encounter scenarios where we need to upload a file to proceed further. A file upload web elements looks like as below: You need to click on “Choose File” button which opens up File explorer and you

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Part 8: Usages Of Javascripts In Selenium: How To Scroll Web Page In Selenium WebDriver Using Javascript

Hello Folks, In last post, we learnt about methods of Javascript which are used to scroll a web page. In this post, we will see usage of those methods in selenium webdriver. Scroll web page using scrollTo method: Selenium webdriver provides an inbuilt method called executeScript to execute any javascript command. We will use same methods

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Part 7: Usages Of Javascripts In Selenium: Difference Among ScrollBy, ScrollTo and Scroll Methods Of Javascript

Hello Folks, While automating, you may encounter issues as below: Element is not clickable, other element would receive click. Screenshot of required web element is not captured. Element is not visible while element is present in DOM. Unable to capture screen of whole web page vertically or horizontally. All these problems could be solved using

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