Month: August 2017

Taking Screenshot Using TakesScreenshot Interface In Selenium

Hello Folks, In this post we will learn how to take¬†screenshots in Selenium webdriver using selenium provide interface TakesScreenshot¬†. Why we need to take screenshot? When we perform manual testing , for each step or important steps, we take screenshot and attach in test result report. Screenshots are proof of test case status. It gives […]

Part 3: Handling Multi Select Drop-down Created Using SELECT Tag

Hello Folks, In current series of posts we have learnt: Basics of drop-down created using SELECT tag. Handling single select drop-down. Now, we will see how to handle multi select drop-down using Select class. We will be using below html code of multi select drop-down: When you will open above html file in a browser, […]

Part 1: Handling Drop-down Created Using SELECT Tag In Selenium

Hello Folks, In last post we have seen an important topic in Selenium Webdriver which was Handling Any Types Of Listbox/dropdown In Selenium Webdriver. Method discussed in this post will work for all types of drop-down created using any tags. Mostly drop-down are created using <select> tag and Selenium provides a special way to handle […]

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