Part 1: Handling Drop-down Created Using SELECT Tag In Selenium

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In last post we have seen an important topic in Selenium Webdriver which was Handling Any Types Of Listbox/dropdown In Selenium Webdriver. Method discussed in this post will work for all types of drop-down created using any tags.

Mostly drop-down are created using <select> tag and Selenium provides a special way to handle such drop-downs. It is very simple and easy.

We will cover below topics in this post:

  1. What is SELECT tag?
  2. Types of SELECT drop-downs.
  3. How to create drop-downs.
  4. What is Select class?
  5. Why we get UnexpectedTagNameException while using Select class?

What is <select> tag?

The <select> element, used along with one or more <option> elements, creates a drop-down list of options for a web form. The <select> element creates the list and each <option> element is displayed as an available option in the list.

Drop-down can be of two types:

1. Single select drop-down: You can select only single value at a time.
2. Multi select drop-down: You can select more than one value at a time.

Single select drop-down example:

If you open above html code in a browser, you will drop-down as below:

[xyz-ihs snippet=”SingleSelectDropdown”]

Click on drop-down, you will see list of values. Choose any one value, that value will be shown as selected.

Multi select drop-down example:

To create a multiple drop-down, just you need to use “multiple” word within SELECT tag as shown below:

If you open above html code in a browser, you will drop-down as below:

[xyz-ihs snippet=”MultiSelectDropdown”]

You can select multiple values from above drop-down using ctrl key.

Handling <select> tag drop-down in Selenium:

  • Selenium developers provides a special class called “Select” to handle drop-down.
  • “Select” class is in “” package.
  • “Select” class models a SELECT tag and provides helper methods to select and deselect options.

Constructor in Select class:

I will explain a very common mistake done by Selenium beginners under this header.

As of now, we know “Select” class can be used only for SELECT tag drop-down. What happens when you try to use “Select” class for non SELECT tag drop-downs. Let’s see below example:

“Select” class provides an argument constructor which accepts a web element which should be a <select> tag web element. This constructor¬†checks that the given web element is a SELECT tag or not.¬†If it is not, then an UnexpectedTagNameException is thrown.

Let’s see an example here:

If you see above code, drop-down is created using UL tag in stead of SELECT tag. We will locate drop-down first and then we will pass drop-down web element to Select class constructor.



Above example demonstrates that you can not use “Select” class with any drop-down. You must need to be ensure if drop-down is created using SELECT tag.

Use of Select class for selecting/deselecting options will be covered in next posts.

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