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API Testing Tutorial Part 22 – Sending PATCH Request in Postman

Hello Folks, As part of our API Testing series, we will see “Sending PATCH request in Postman”. First of all we need some APIs to test. There are many public APIs available which you can use for testing purpose. I will suggest you to register at below site to use free APIs for testing: GoRest API […]

API Testing Tutorial Part 21- DIfference Between Put and Patch HTTP Methods

Hello Guys, Whether you are an API developer or tester, you must understand the difference between PUT and PATCH http methods. It is also a frequently asked interview question. Let’s understand PUT and PATCH in details.  PUT:- An HTTP PUT method is used to primarily update the resource information but  it also can be used […]

API Testing Tutorial Part 4 – Understand Basics Of Http Methods – CRUD Operations

Let’s start with a real time example. You must have heard about Facebook. To create an account of Facebook, you need to provide some personal details and hit enter. Now you have your own Facebook account. Your data is created in Facebook database. Who did this for you? A Facebook API. An API who is responsible […]

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