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Get Data From Non-Table HTML Tag WebTable Using Selenium WebDriver

We have seen multiple posts on handling a web table in Selenium WebDriver. You can find them below:-

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All above examples include a table created using table, thead, tbody, tr and td HTML tags. Many asked that in real-time we get non table tag web table also so provide an example of that as well.

Yeah, It’s true it is not mandatory to create a web table with table HTML tag only. It can be created using other tags as well. But the major part is that the handling mechanism is not different than the table tag. Just you need to play with locators.

I have taken a web table example developed using angular. I have performed below actions on this web table:-

  1. Get all headers and print.
  2. Get all rows excluding headers and print data of each column of a row with header name.

Selenium WebDriver Code


You can download/clone the above sample project from here.

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