Postman Tutorial Part 53 – Extracting Value From XML Response in Postman

As a part of Postman Tutorial – End to End , in this post, we will learn how can we extract value from XML response in Postman.

Already, we learnt how can we send a XML and parameterized XML payload in Postman. In this post we will learn to extract values form XML response and assert.

Extracting or parsing XML response in Postman is little tricky. Let’s learn it.

Consider XML response as below :-

First you need to convert above XML response to JSON.

var response = xml2Json(responseBody)

This “response” will be root node similar to <head> tag in html DOM. Now we need to travel node by node. For example:- To reach node “firstName”, you need to start from root node -> created-booking – > booking -> firstname. It is similar to absolute XPath.

syntax:- rootNode[“node1”][“node2”][“node3”]

Let’s write whole code for above XML response :-

Import above example collection from here.

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2 thoughts on “Postman Tutorial Part 53 – Extracting Value From XML Response in Postman

  1. I am having difficulty with this- my root node I need to access contains multiple elements. How do I access one of the elements within the root node?

  2. Special thanks to you for covering the various aspects of postman. It was great to see 53 tutorials

    When we have already converted xml2json why do we need to access like [][] and not by .

    Can you cover them how to save this as code repository?
    Cover other methods as well

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