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TestNG Tutorials 66 : Sharing Data Among Test Methods in TestNG

As a part of TestNG Tutorials, in this post we will see “How to share data or state among test methods in TestNG?”.

It might be confusing for you that what I meant by “Sharing states or data among test methods“. So let me explain this first.

Suppose in a TestNG class, you have two @Test annotated methods. In first method you have created some data and same data you want to use in second method. This is called sharing data between tests. We can do in multiple approaches. General way to use a static variable to store and retrieve as required. We will see an example below:-


Above you can see how method “useData” used data generated in “generateData”.

There may be another scenario as well. In above scenario, both @Test method were in a same class. What in the situation when you want to use data of one TestNG class in to another TestNG class i.e. @Test annotated methods are in different classes ? In similar fashion as above, we can use as below:-

Since we need to run both TestNG classes as a suite, create a testng xml as below. If you run above testng class directly, it will not get the updated value of variable.

Run above xml as observe ouput.


So, here is the normal way generally maximum people opt to share data among tests. In next posts, we will see more optimal way to do the same.

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