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Java Interview Question 3 – Can We Overload main Method in Java?

As a part of Java Interview Questions, in this post, we will see a frequently asked interview question “Can we overload main method in Java?“.

When we keep more than one methods in a class with same method name but at least with one difference in its method signature (Number of arguments , Order of arguments and Type of arguments), is called as Method Overloading.

Note:- No return type is considered in overloading.

So can we overload main method in Java? Answer is Yes, We can.

Execution of a Java program starts from main() method. In fact we should say that Execution of a Java program starts from a main() method whose actual syntax is “public static void main(String[] args)”.

We can write multiple valid overloaded main method in a class but JVM always looks for a main method with syntax as “public static void main(String[] args)“. If it finds , it will start execution from there otherwise will give error stating “Error: Could not find or load main“.

Programming Example:-

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Java Interview Question 3 – Can We Overload main Method in Java?

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