Interview Experience at CTS (Cognizant) Bangalore for Selenium Java Profile ( Sep – 2019)

Shared By: – Veena
Company Name :- Cognizant (CTS)
Experience Level: – 2 Years
Location– Bengaluru
Mode : – F2F
Rounds: – 2 rounds
Date :- Sep – 2019

Both rounds were moderate . Interviewers asked questions from Java and Selenium. Both rounds were 45 minutes long. First round consists of Java questions mainly. Second rounds focused on Selenium.

First Round:-

  1. Features of Java.
  2. Explain four pillars of OOPS.
  3. What is static and non-static?
  4. What is final keyword?
  5. DIfference between this and super?
  6. What is difference between length and length() in Java?
  7. What is abstract class?
  8. What is interface?
  9. DIfference between List and Set?
  10. What is use of Map?
  11. How do you launch a browser in Selenium?
  12. How to delete cookies?
  13. Write a program to find the duplicates in an array.
  14. There is an array of numbers and a number key. Array contains that key. Rearrange array in a order where left side elements of key are smaller than key and right side elements are greater than key.

Second Round:-

  1. Annotations in TestNG
  2. Which reporting tool you used in Framework?
  3. Explain the flow of your framework?
  4. What is your contribution in your framework?
  5. What is StaleElementException?
  6. What are the waits available in Selenium?
  7. Limitations of Selenium?
  8. If not Selenium, which tool you will prefer?
  9. Difference between Actions and Action?
  10. How do you handle keystrokes in Selenium?
  11. How do you handle alert in Selenium?
  12. You have a link on a main window. When you click on that link, it opens 3 new windows. One of the window consists an iframe. How you will navigate there?
  13. There are five tabs in home page of a Website. You need to navigate to each tab and verify page is loaded. Write optimal logic.
  14. What is dry run in Cucumber?
  15. Annotations in Cucumber

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