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Learn Selenium With Quiz – Basic Level 5

As a part of a Series of posts on Learn Selenium With Quiz, This set contains questions from Explicit wait concepts in Selenium WebDriver. I will suggest you to go through below link before taking up quiz:

Explicit wait in Selenium WebDriver

Welcome to your Learn Selenium With Quiz – Basic Level 5

1. What is unit of timeout in WebDriverWait object?

WebDriverWait wait= new WebDriverWait(driver, 30);
2. WebDriverWait is a:-
3. Which statement is correct about Explicit Wait in Selenium WebDriver?
4. What is Polling Interval in WebDriverWait?
5. What is default Polling interval in WebDriverWait?
6. How can we change the default polling interval in WebDriverWait?
7. ExpectedConditions is:-
8. How can we setup WebDriverWait instance to ignore specific types of exceptions while waiting for a condition?
9. WebDriverWait is applicable for findElement() and findElements().
10. Which statement is correct about difference between Implicit wait and Explicit wait in Selenium WebDriver?

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