TestNG Tutorials 17: Can @Test Annotation Be Used For A Class In TestNG?

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Let’s learn something new today. We have used @Test annotation on methods. Can we use @Test annotation on a class?

Yes, We can use @Test annotation on class.

Suppose, you need to write 10 @Test annotated method in a class.  Either you mark all methods as @Test annotated or directly annotate class itself as @Test.  All method will be treated as @Test annotated method by default. See an example below:

TestNG class:

Run as a testng suite:


What will happen if I need to write other annotated method like BeforeMethod or AfterMethod? Not a big deal. Mark required annotation on method. It will override class level @Test annotation. Example is as below:

TestNG class:


You can see Tests run count is 2. It means @Test annotation applied only for method without any annotation.


Another scenario: Suppose you have a class which is @Test annotated at class level. You have a sub class extending super class. Sub class is not @Test annotated method. Because of inheritance, automatically sub class will also become @Test annotated. Confused?? See below example:

Run it. You will get below output:

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