Controlling Browser Driver Services In Selenium WebDriver

Hello Folks, Let’s learn something interesting in selenium webdriver. We know whenever we launch a browser, first browser serve is started which helps in communication between browser and selenium commands. The same process is repeated for every test if you launch and quit browser every time. Let’s understand above point with an example below: Run

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Why Do We Require Browser Driver Executable File To Launch A Browser In Selenium WebDriver?

Hello Folks, It is very frequently asked interview question. Interviewer expects that you should be aware about internal logic of selenium. We know that to launch a browser through Selenium we need to download a browser driver executable file (chromedriver.exe, geckodriver.exe etc). Why do we require that? Let me relate it with a real time

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Selenium Framework 4: Understanding Of Linear Framework

Hello Folks, In this post, we will learn about Linear Framework of Selenium webdriver. We know, any framework has three base components: Functionality, Code and Data. When we mix up all three base components at same place is called Linear framework.  For example: Consider you need to automate three scenarios as below: Login to application

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Selenium Framework 3: Types Of Selenium Frameworks

Hello Folks, We are aware of what is framework and its properties from previous posts. If you have not read yet, please do read before continuing this post. Selenium Framework 1- Framework- What, Why and How Selenium Framework 2: Why Do We Need A Framework In Selenium? First of all framework has no fixed architecture

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Writing Conditional XPath In Selenium WebDriver

Hello Folks, In this post, we will see how can we write conditional XPaths in selenium webdriver. What is meant by Conditional XPaths? If I say you to write xpath for the web element which has text or contains as “Selenium”, you can write is easily as below: Has text= //*[text()=’Selenium’] Contains text= //*[contains(text(),’Selenium’)] But If

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