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Installation of JAVA, Eclipse and Selenium

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As of now, we should have basic idea of:

  1. Introduction of Selenium Webdriver
  2. Architecture of Selenium Webdriver

In this post, we will learn:

  1. Installation of JDK.
  2. Installation of Eclipse
  3. Selenium jar file download

Let’s start with setup first.

Installation of  JDK in system.

We will learn selenium Webdriver with JAVA. So first thing we need to install JDK in our system. JDK stands for Java Development Kit. JDK is a set of tools which provides a platform to develop and run java programs.

Before installing, we should first check if it is already installed:

Go to Windows->Run->cmd and type “java  –version”

If Java is not installed, you will get

java‘ is not recognized as an internal or external command.

If it is installed, you should get version details of java as below:


How to install JDK:

We can install JDK through official website of Java.


Notice here that JDK is platform dependent which makes Java a platform independent language. You need to download as per your operating system and processors’s bit capability. After downloading the required JDK, I hope you can install it by double clicking on it. After successful installation, you will get a folder named JAVA in Program files.

After JDK installation, you need to set JAVA_HOME and java bin path as environment variables.

Follow below URL for Setting JAVA_HOME and java bin path:

Now, if you run java –version command in console (new one), you must get java version installed on your machine.

Installation of Eclipse:

We are done with setup of JAVA. Now we need to install IDE(Integrated development environment). An integrated development environment (IDE) is a software application that provides comprehensive facilities to computer programmers for software development. We will work on Eclipse for JAVA. There are other IDEs as well like NetBeans, intelliJ Idea etc.

You can download eclipse from below URL:

Download the latest version and install it like any other software. You can refer below link for assistance:

Selenium Download:

As we are aware that selenium is an API. TO work with selenium we need to download it and add it to build path of java project. We can say it is a plugin which allows you to work with selenium Webdriver.

To download selenium, navigate to below URL:


See the contents of header Selenium Standalone Server. You will see Download Version X.X.X. This number changes frequently as they release. Click on version number and download will start. Remember it is not .exe file. It is .jar file. So, there is no need to install it like any other software.

Now we are ready with basic setup and configuration to start working with Selenium. Kindly comment if you have any doubt or suggestions.

See you soon in next post.


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Installation of JAVA, Eclipse and Selenium

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