Launch of Firefox Browser through Selenium 3:

In last post, we have learnt how to launch Chrome driver through selenium. In this post we will learn: How to launch Firefox browser through Selenium 3. Open a URL in browser. Close the browser. Selenium 3 has been launched. In selenium 2, it was very easy to launch Firefox browser as Selenium 2 had

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Installation of JAVA, Eclipse and Selenium

As of now, we should have basic idea of: Introduction of Selenium Webdriver Architecture of Selenium Webdriver In this post, we will learn: Installation of JDK. Installation of Eclipse Selenium jar file download Let’s start with setup first. Installation of  JDK in system. We will learn selenium Webdriver with JAVA. So first thing we need

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Architecture of Selenium Webdriver

Selenium is a suite of tools which automates browser or we can say automates the control of browser. As I have told earlier that selenium is not a tool. It’s a suite of tools. It consists of Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium Grid and Selenium Webdriver. In this post, I will discuss about architecture of

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